“The Sound of Silence”

When asked to describe a memorable experience in a restaurant, many things begin to spark in my minds eye.

Sight would have to be the first sense of recall; décor, menu, appearance of staff.  How full is the place on a Tuesday night, and what is the appearance of the customers that are here?  Sound superficial?  Tell me these aren’t things you notice.

And what about the sense of smell, very much important in the way we remember our experience.  The smell of a grill searing an 18oz bone-in ribeye is what does it for some.  Mine, personally, is in the afternoon when the stock is on the burner absolutely filling the entire place with an earthy goodness that always coaxes the inquiry, “what the hell are you guys cooking back there?”

Touch may be a bit less, but the feel of our surroundings be it our hands on the table or the way the silverware and glasses rest in our fingers, it is not a lost sense for sure.

Taste would obviously be our best memory, it is the most important part of our dinning experience and as such the most memorable.

But what about sound?  I would submit that our sense of sound is the biggest surprise in the way that we remember our dinning experience, from the time we walk in the door, to the time we leave.  We get a fair amount of criticism (some constructive, others not so) about the noise level at The Grand.  And while I can understand that the echo of voices and glassware is a bit annoying when the dinning room is less than half full,  when we are packed full and the staff is buzzing and firing on all cylinders, the sounds of  the restaurant as a whole is like a symphony in my opinion.  It is at these times that we can truly begin to settle into a rhythm and enjoy the beautiful solitude of the “noise” surrounding us.  It almost creates a barrier from the table next to us, while offering us a host of different percussion’s that assemble into a harmony that is a huge part of our restaurant experience.

We here at The Grand enjoy everything we do in hopes that you, our guests, leave having a memorable dinning experience.  And the next time you’re in, pay attention to the sounds that the dinning room as well as from the kitchen all come together to compose a wonderful melody that will resonate in your minds eye for some time to come.

Eat often, but stay hungry

Ben H.

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